Team Building in Kochi

Kochi-based? Or looking for the best team building activities for your next team offsite in Kochi? 

Let us help you choose the right team building activity for your next event, conference or offsite.

Team Building in Kochi

Customised team building activities and games to choose from for your team building in Kochi – but don’t let that daunt you, we’ll help you identify the perfect one for YOUR team.

Kochi known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” is the destination site for several travellers. And in addition to this, many companies go to this beautiful place for their offsites and company outings. Employee Engagement and Team Building in Kochi is on top of their agenda. However, you might be unsure of what team engagement or team building activity to conduct in Kochi. Leave that to us, we know the lay of the land and more importantly, we know teams.

d’frens has been racking up the awards for “best corporate team building” and “best corporate training of the year” in India and Asia. That should give you the confidence that you’ll be in great hands. Leave the heavy lifting to us, we’ll manage your teams and their engagement.

Key locations we’ve delivered team building activities in Kochi/Trivandrum:

  • ​Crown Plaza
  • Le Meridian​
  • Cherai
  • Leela Kovalam
  • And.. many more…

Reach out to our Team Building Expert in Kochi to discuss your next event. As one of the leading team building companies in Kochi, Trivandrum and India, we will recommend the right solution to engage your audience perfectly.

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Here’s what’s trending

Our most popular team building activities in Kochi and Trivandrum

The Big Picture

Collaborate to create, step back to see the big picture. A must for teams to see perspectives.

Participants: 300 to 1000

Duration: 120 Mins + Debrief

Beat The Box

An escape room in your conference. Mystery-based highly engaging team building.

Participants: 15 to 200

Duration: 90 Mins + Debrief


The world’s most innovative ideas come out of this competitive activity.

Participants: 10 to 40

Duration: 10-180 Mins + Debrief

Drum Circle

Feel the rhythm and share the energy with your teams in this supremely versatile activity.

Participants: 20 to 5000

Duration: 30-45 Mins 

Build a Jeep

Innovate to build a vehicle using just pipes. Learn to improvise with the resources you have.

Participants: 15 to 300

Duration: 100 Mins + Debrief

Walk The Talk

Don’t just build – control all the moves of the giant puppet as your team wants.

Participants: 30 to 90

Duration: 120 Mins + Debrief

Digital Hunt

Hunt in teams with the smart device and tablet enabled treasure hunt.

Participants: 10 to 500

Duration: 90 Mins + Debrief

The Pyramid Challenge

Create a monument one brick at a time with your vision, planning, and perfect execution.

Participants: 30 to 700

Duration: 150 Mins + Debrief

Formula Fun Racing

The highest symbol of efficiency is a well-executed pit stop. Improve your team’s agility.

Participants: 30 to 300

Duration: 120 Mins + Debrief