The Amazing Race

Great Teams Hunt in Packs. So Can You.

Team Building

“The Amazing Race” – Hunt-based Team Building Activity


Team Building Outcome

  • Team work
  • Hunt based
  • Fast paced
  • Faster decisions
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Conflict management
  • Collaboration

For whom is it?

  • Know the culture and heritage
  • Crack the codes to move forward
  • Manage conflicts
  • Make your own path to success

Activity Details

Participants: 20 to 150

Duration: 2 hrs – Full day 

Location: Outdoor

Who’s this for: All audiences


Key success factors for a great experience

  • Minimum 14 days lead time to set the clues across the place
  • Be ready to travel across the city
  • It can be tiring, so schedule the activity taking weather and other conditions into play

Take your fun seriously

Team building with a treasure hunt is one of our most popular events. We have designed and conducted over 400 such events for some of the best-known organizations in India and the world. You get a chance to soak in the culture, see the sights and have fun while you race other teams.

Designed to include local culture, heritage and customs, the activity is full of challenges and surprises. During the activity, teams will bond better, appreciate the conflicts that arise, and work closer to stay ahead of the competition. The frenetic pace and the fact that no two teams “follow” each other, makes this event all the more challenging. Ciphers, codes, tasks, puzzles and mysteries just add to the gripping nature of this popular activity.

Our Amazing Race is flexible – you could choose to have this team building activity as a 2 hour, 4 hour or even full day program. The experience is still fantastic. People remember interaction and ‘doing’ the most. The Amazing Race is designed with numerous such interactions…language, food, transport, you name it – teams have to get their hands dirty to get ahead.

Instant Benefits with Long-Term Impact

Attention to Detail

Strengthens the team’s attention to detail as a small error can bring the car down


Trust us, you wouldn’t ever have seen your team bursting at seams with new ideas 

Bond like Cousins

Ten minutes into the program, we see that no hierarchies exist. Everyone bonds as one

Dot the I's + Cross the T's

Do you think your team is not good at planning? You don’t know them yet

Laugh at Failures

Let your teams learn to manage failure together and come up with plans A,B and C


All your employees can participate and the activity is a 100% inclusive 

Build teams with our widest range of experiential team building activities

FAQs – Know more about team building activity

Beyond sightseeing

Our Amazing Race is recommended for teams that are actively looking to go beyond the city that tourists typically see.

Can leadership participate?

Due to the very high quality of interaction each team member has with others, the Amazing Race is ideal for leadership teams who need to go beyond the clichés in terms of inter-personal relationships.

Can this be customized?

With the high quality of interaction possible in the Amazing Race, it is a highly customizable activity, especially to weave in organizational values and/or key conference messages.

Is there a specific place that we can play this?

With suitable reccé time, we can run the activity at any city in the world and give your teams a 100% local and safe experience.

In the end all your employees will say "We The Team". That's a Promise.