CSI Crime

Bring out the Mystery Junkie in You

Team Building

“CSI-Crime” – Team Building Activity for Mystery Lovers 

Team Building Outcome

  • Work in groups
  • Results oriented
  • Inclusive
  • Idea management
  • Proactive behavior
  • Quick thinking
  • Collaboration

For whom is it?

  • Know the power of influence
  • Build communication among teams
  • Problem-solving by collaboration
  • Delegation and role fulfillment
  • Competitive teams

Activity Details

Participants: 10 to 100

Duration: 90 Minutes + Debrief

Location: Indoor 

Who’s this for: All audiences

Key success factors for a great experience

  • Minimum 7 days lead time
  • Ensure there is space for this activity
  • If it’s a larger group, sound system etc would be needed

Take your fun seriously

Ideal for exploring meeting room dynamics, decision-making, powers of influence, communication and most corporate team building events.

A think-out-of-the-box team building mystery game where the application of knowledge and informed decision making is the key to success.

Our highly customized CSI activity calls for teams to think beyond horizons and explore more parallels as they discover hidden truths. Too often we rely on part-information before making a decision. This activity will showcase how that can be detrimental to finding the best solutions.

Participants are no longer allowed to believe in coincidence and must investigate the matter from different vantage points – thus giving them the opportunity to reason from different points of view.

Every stage in this activity requires the participants to be dynamic in their thinking as well as their initiatives. There is no room for complacency.

Solving a mystery is tougher than it looks and requires a great amount of determination, which motivates participants immensely.

Instant Benefits with Long-Term Impact

Attention to Detail

Strengthens the team’s attention to detail as a small error can bring the car down


Trust us, you wouldn’t ever have seen your team bursting at seams with new ideas 

Bond like Cousins

Ten minutes into the program, we see that no hierarchies exist. Everyone bonds as one

Dot the I's + Cross the T's

Do you think your team is not good at planning? You don’t know them yet

Laugh at Failures

Let your teams learn to manage failure together and come up with plans A,B and C


All your employees can participate and the activity is a 100% inclusive 

Build teams with our widest range of experiential team building activities

FAQs – Know more about team building activity

What will participants learn?

Through CSI, you are assured of your audience not only enjoying every minute of it, but learning a lot through the course of this mystery game. Your learning objectives are easily met in this sit-down style activity.

Who is this ideal for?

CSI is ideal if you want your audience to have a crack at their brains. This is definitely one activity that really tickles the neurons and we mean it.

Will it inspire participants to be result oriented?

CSI as a team building activity is all about achieving the right result through a deductive process. Even though there are twists and turns, the activity design helps teams to focus on the goal and achieve the objective within the specified time frame.

Does it promote inclusiveness?

CSI empowers participants to be proactive and creates an even platform where every opinion matters. Initiatives are carried out by individuals who work in the best interest of their teams. This is a team building activity that highlights inclusiveness at the workplace.

In the end all your employees will say "We The Team". That's a Promise.