Harmonica Symphony

Team Building is Just Like a Symphony. Try It. 

Team Building

“Harmonica Symphony” – Team building and group engagement activity

Team Building Outcome

  • Conference energizers
  • Motivational
  • Feedback dissemination
  • Achievement motivation
  • Collaborative

For whom is it?

  • Leadership team if in small numbers
  • Large conferences
  • Ice breaker for conferences

Activity Details

Participants: 10 to 4000

Duration: 30-45 Minutes 

Location: Indoor 

Who’s this for: All employees

Key success factors for a great experience

  • Minimum 7 days lead time
  • Ensure there is space for this activity
  • If it’s a larger group, sound system etc would be needed
Harmonica teambuilding conference activity India
Harmonica team building conference activity India
Harmonica team building conference activity India

Take your fun seriously

It’s incredibly energetic, lots of fun, has a very high feeling of accomplishment and works for everyone. If you’ve not considered team building with music or musical instruments before, then the harmonica activity is the best one to start with.

Playing a musical instrument is not easy and getting a group from 10 – 4000 people to play it in sync is definitely tougher. But when your group learns the harmonica with help from our expert facilitation, the sense of achievement is supreme. Using the harmonica in team building is something that we have pioneered in India. There are imitations, as you’d always expect – but nothing beats the original. Not here, not anywhere in the world. You might have done something with drums before. Wait, that was possible through us too.

But now you have the opportunity to go beyond and learn to play a musical instrument. Using the Harmonica in team building or as a conference energizer, is just so much fun and energetic. From fun breathing exercises, to a quick tune and finally a great jam. The activity is fully customisable and we can include your tune too.

Instant Benefits with Long-Term Impact

Attention to Detail

Strengthens the team’s attention to detail as a small error can bring the car down


Trust us, you wouldn’t ever have seen your team bursting at seams with new ideas 

Bond like Cousins

Ten minutes into the program, we see that no hierarchies exist. Everyone bonds as one

Dot the I's + Cross the T's

Do you think your team is not good at planning? You don’t know them yet

Laugh at Failures

Let your teams learn to manage failure together and come up with plans A,B and C


All your employees can participate and the activity is a 100% inclusive 

Build teams with our widest range of experiential team building activities

FAQs – Know more about team building activity

When should I use this Harmonica team building activity?

Anytime you want to infuse energy. We’ve done this activity to kick-start conferences and also as show stoppers to leave the audience on a high. As it is a short activity of just 30-45 minutes, it can be included in almost any agenda.


We've already done a Drum Circle, Is this similar?

Oh no. This is way different. The achievement motivation you get when you learn to play a musical instrument – not just percussion is huge. The fact that you walk away with a harmonica at the end of this session, just makes it sweeter.


What do you need after confirmation?

For the Harmonica team building or group activity you don’t need anything other than letting us know the date, venue, time and number of participants. Oh yeah, microphone, guitar connection and an AV – but then that’s pretty standard for any event. We’ll even etch these high quality harmonicas for you with your brand / logo.

What Impact will this team building activity have on my group?

Playing the harmonica team building or in a conference, is super impactful. Your group learns to harmonise, help each other and have a lot of fun together. The harmonica symphony also infuses a lot of energy.


Is this only for mass audiences? Can I use for a smaller group?

From 10 – 4000, the Harmonica team building activity is for everyone. Dealer groups, partner programs, employee town halls, annual day celebrations with family, pure-play employee engagement at your workspace or just for your leaders. You get the group, we’ll run this act for you.


In the end all your employees will say "We The Team". That's a Promise.