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Team Building

“BoomTime” – Conference Entertainment Activity

Team Building Outcome

  • Energizer
  • Ice breaker
  • Interactive
  • Audience engagement
  • Fun and entertainment

For whom is it?

  • Ice breaker in large conferences
  • Get the audience in the mood real quick
  • Set an enthusiastic tone for your conferences

Activity Details

Participants: 75 to 3000

Duration: 20 Minutes

Location: Indoor 

Who’s this for: Large conferences


Key success factors for a great experience

  • Minimum 7 days lead time
  • Ensure there is space for this activity
  • If it’s a larger group, sound system etc would be needed
Conference Entertainment and Engagement in India
Conference Entertainment and Engagement in India
Conference Entertainment and Engagement in India

Take your fun seriously

You’ve done a drum circle. You want something similar but not really. That’s Boomtime for you.

BoomTime is an awesome conference energizer for any sized groups. The only similarity with the drum circle is that you will be experiencing a conference entertainment activity. But that’s it. Boomtime is meant to increase the energy of your conference. Using colourful pre-tuned tubes, your group will not drum – they will create music. Innovative and awesome. That’s what Boomtime is.

Yes, it’s engagement and yes, it’s percussion. But we would recommend boomtime for conferences. It doesn’t matter who your audience is. We will engage them. Usually conferences are packed with speakers and presentations. So much so that your audience is usually distracted and browsing. Bring in the energy. Bring in Boomtime. It’s just 20 minutes. Short enough to fit in, powerful enough to make a difference. It’s conference entertainment but its also conference engagement.

Instant Benefits with Long-Term Impact

Attention to Detail

Strengthens the team’s attention to detail as a small error can bring the car down


Trust us, you wouldn’t ever have seen your team bursting at seams with new ideas 

Bond like Cousins

Ten minutes into the program, we see that no hierarchies exist. Everyone bonds as one

Dot the I's + Cross the T's

Do you think your team is not good at planning? You don’t know them yet

Laugh at Failures

Let your teams learn to manage failure together and come up with plans A,B and C


All your employees can participate and the activity is a 100% inclusive 

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FAQs – Know more about team building activity

Do you need set up time?

Nope. Just a sound check. If you give us time to place the tubes prior to the session, it’s great. If not, we can still have these distributed and kick-off.

How much time would you need?
20 minutes. That’s all. Give us control of the AV, mike us up and we’re good to go. Honestly, it’s much better to put this on your agenda than another speaker who goes on for longer than scheduled.


Is this impactful or just fun?

Its fun AND impactful. Or possibly its impactful because it is fun.

Most conferences have fixed agendas. It’s uncanny how conferences include speakers or presentations without considering the engagement levels or the impact on the audience. An energizer like BoomTime fits in to change all of this. Suddenly, you have energy and everyone is alert again. This heightened alertness helps put the next two agenda items in sharp focus.

In the end all your employees will say "We The Team". That's a Promise.