Music and Percussion-based Team Building Activities in India

Drumming & percussion activities

Some of the best conference energisers and group engagement activities. If you’re really looking to pep up the crowd and infuse energy into the group without having to do too much thinking or building, then pick a drumming activity such as the drum circle or beatswork for your next conference, meet or outing. We pride ourselves on being the first to introduce India to the drum circle and the journey has continued. These are still the most popular activities for conferences.

Music in team building

If you’re looking to take the engagement up a notch from the drumming activities, then you should look at the music activities we have for team building. The Harmonica Symphony is soon catching up to the ranks of the drum circle in popularity. More so because every participant gets to keep the harmonica. Acapella, without any instruments is ideal for large groups. Crescendo is perfect for your leadership teams and to motivate even the most cynical critic. And Symphony of Peers remains the crowning glory – for an exclusive group.


Group singing, moderated by professionals. Overcome your weakness when in a team.

Participants: 100 to 4000

Duration: 40 Mins


Break your internal barriers and learn something awesome in just 45 minutes.

Participants: 10 to 4000

Duration: 30-45 Mins 


Take your leadership to new heights with extreme motivation and inspiration.

Participants: 9 to 60

Duration: 75 Mins + Debrief

Drum Circle

Feel the rhythm and share the energy with your teams in this supremely versatile activity.

Participants: 20 to 5000

Duration: 30-45 Mins 

Boom Time

Innovative music energizer for conferences. Start your conferences on a high note.

Participants: 75 to 3000

Duration: 20 Mins + Debrief


Work like a percussion and realize how much you could contribute to the final piece.

Participants: 15 to 80

Duration: 45-60 Mins + Debrief

Symphony of Peers

Reach the pinnacle of teamwork and be a well-orchestrated and an efficient unit.

Participants: 50 to 400

Duration: 120 Mins + Debrief

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