Bean Around the World

Trade your way to great team bonding

Team Building

“Bean Around the World” – Trading-based Team Building Activity 

Team Building Outcome

  • Work in groups
  • Negotiation
  • Multi-team management
  • Manage priorities
  • Real-life business simulation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Decision making
  • Collaboration

For whom is it?

  • Larger groups
  • Build negotiation skills within the team
  • Focus on project management
  • Delegation and role fulfillment
  • Competitive teams

Activity Details

Participants: 30 to 90

Duration: 120 Minutes + Debrief

Location: Indoor 

Type: Can be collaborative and Competitive


Key success factors for a great experience

  • Minimum 7 days lead time
  • Ensure there are at least 12 tables 
  • If it’s a larger group, sound system would be needed
  • It can be get noisy (in a good way), so be prepared to negotiate hard 
Team building trading activity coffee beans
Team building trading activity dfrens India
Team building trading activity dfrens India

Take your fun seriously

Bean Around the World is a fast-paced business simulation and team building activity that recreates a highly charged trading environment. It highlights the importance of win-win negotiations, collaborative decision making, and a clear goal focus.

A team building trading activity that hits all the notes is rare. Bean around the World is unique. It shows you two types of trading and negotiation – within a smaller group, a cartel and also inter-cartel. In addition, bean around the world also highlights change and change management. It’s an ideal business simulation for business groups.

Bean Around The World is not just about trading. It’s strategy, planning, understanding your resources and the constraints. And then its about how best you manage all of this. It’s a brilliant team building trading activity for every managerial group. It’s also been used in the curriculum of some of the largest organizations.

Instant Benefits with Long-Term Impact

Negotiate for the team

It’s a totally different fun when you start negotiating for your team

Multi-team management

Certainly creates a great environment to manage a diverse team

Real-life simulations

It might be a game, but a real-life situation will be simulated within minutes

Prioritizing comes naturally

See how naturally your team members start prioritizing and turn them into actions

Faster decisions - finally

See how rapidly your teams make decisions and stand by in this fast-paced game


All your employees can participate and the activity is a 100% inclusive 

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FAQs – Know more about team building activity

Can we conduct this for larger groups?

Definitely possible, but the learnings are best captured when restricted to groups of upto 90 people.


Can we do it without 12 tables?

Unfortunately, no. We definitely need 12 tables for the teams and 2 more tables for the facilitators. It’s part of the ambience and there’s no point compromising on the overall experience.


Can we reduce the time?
There are some areas that we can speed up. But the activity is best experienced for the full 120 minutes + debrief. With so many dynamics and powerful takeaways from this activity, it’s not worth cutting out any parts.
Is this impactful or just fun?
Its fun AND impactful. Or possibly it’s impactful because it is fun. Any team building trading activity conjures images of stock exchanges, gambling etc. Not this one. This one is intelligent, impactful and insightful. It’s fun and totally engaging.

In the end all your employees will say "We The Team". That's a Promise.