So, what do you want to achieve by celebrating woman’s day? That’s a good place to start. Define your goal clearly. The goals can be to:

  • Improve the awareness of diversity at your organization
  • Recognize the women talent
  • Create awareness of the changing role of women at workplace and in society

There you go. You already have a head start. Now to the activities. How much ever I hate to say that women’s day is not a one-day activity, I still get asked to suggest some cool events for women to make them feel special. So, here you go.


# 1 – Personalized Giveaway

Celebrate each person and not women in total as a gender. As a corporate show that you care about them as an individual and not as a gender. Create personalized messages for each woman and activate it in following ways:

  • Welcome message – Create a welcome message for each woman on their laptops / Intranet/work station, whichever is practical for you
  • A signed diary – Create a collage of all (okay most) the women at your company and have it as an insert in a cool diary. Whats more? Emboss or print their name on the diary and have it signed by women role-models of the organization. This giveaway will remind them every day of how special they are. You can use the same as a merchandize in your corporate e-commerce portal. (I hope you have a corporate merchandize portal).


# 2 – Women’s Cricket

Men’s game on a woman’s day? Who said cricket is a men’s game? We’ve conducted this in many corporates, and you know what? It was a super hit with women. They’ve enjoyed it more than what men would have. You can play this either indoor or on your terrace. Get ready to be surprised on how competitive the game can get. Look at this video, and you will know what I mean. BTW – do have men as ball boys or umpires. Trust me, try this out.


# 3 – Music Based Engagement

I’ve always noticed that the music based engagement activities bring the most out of the participants. We have several games, such as drum circle, symphony, crescendo and beats work that will make the day even more memorable for the women. Here’s the kicker, our women facilitators master these events and motivate all women participants to be more assertive, forceful and confident.


# 4 – Charity with Engagement

You might not mix fun with business, but you surely can mix charity with engagement and a dose of fun. Some of our engagement games like B1G1 ensure that you have great engagement activity and at the same time support your favorite women foundation. This is one of the activities that makes the participants give a 100% as they know that their fun is going to save lives.


# 5 – Security

I know you might be looking for unique ideas, but this is extremely important. A week focusing on “security for women” campaign can significantly empower women to defend themselves at work and after work. You don’t have to limit this to teaching physical defence, the program can also teach them to defend against the corporate bullying to wade off offenders on roads and even at home.


# 6 – Bonus

Here’s a bonus. If you have a good percentage of women at your workplace across India, then think about breaking a record – Limca or Guinness. You can either do a mega event at one place or a simultaneous event across your offices in India. You guessed it right, we have some ideas.


We have a lot cooler ideas for you that can be customized based on your goals. Don’t hesitate to give us a shout out. We love women’s day, and we are game to make it super special for your company and memorable for our women employees.