Remote Engagement

The best digital team building ideas for engaging your remote teams

Remote Engagement and Virtual Team Building

Why Remote Engagement?

Remote team building is not just because of the increased work from home, but more for the digital transformation. Teams are increasingly distributed, leading to an engagement model that has yet to cope up. Keeping them engaged shouldn’t be a challenge for you when you know there are experts to rely on.
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Online Activties

We know engagement – remote as well as live events. We’ve been doing this for 15 years and we’re possibly the ones who wrote the playbook for India.

Our online activities cater to your campaigns, your activation, customer connect, engagement and team motivation.

100% remote, if you need it to be.

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Offline Activities

Perfect for Leadership Connect with teams or just to have fun. Our set of offline activities are the ones where we send you the information or tasks, you and your team work towards completion and we stitch it all together for you. Give it a try.

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LIVE Events

We recognise that you have a lot of live events running – virtually. Whether it is your own customer connect, dealer meets, town halls or large group announcements.

We have created engagement just for these occasions. From Game shows to custom online hunts that can be conducted in just 10-30 minutes.

Bring some life to your live. Most speakers on virtual platforms are not great at engaging audiences. We know how to and can complement your content perfectly.

Virtual Team Building

Remote engagement and virtual team building go hand-in-hand. More and more teams are asking us for remote engagement options for their teams.

Virtual Team Building

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Remote Team Engagement

For your LIVE events

For your live events ranging from town halls to webinars and large meets, we have multiple solutions.

The Gameshow is a perfect example where we can custom create polls and quiz styled events for your audience. With your branding and content too.

We know how to engage your teams remotely.

Live Events

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